★ How to complete your first diamond painting? 


Choice of diamond painting kit

Your favorite painting will allow you to be more motivated while finishing it. With us, there is a wide choice of diamond embroidery kits whose prices vary not only according to the size of the painting but also the diffculty to practice. In addition, you will find kits of different themes in our shop, for example the kits of Disney, animals, landscapes, flowers, famous characters, masterpieces of great artists...
If you want to practice fun and craft activities with your children, an animal or Disney kit with lively colors will be a good choice.

If you need a decoration for the house, think of the kits of landscapes, nature or flowers.

Verification upon receipt of kit
To facilitate your diamond embroidery creation, it is better to check the kit carefully upon receipt of the package. Do you have all the tools listed? Is the canvas in good condition? Is there the user manual? If you have any problems, please contact us.


Step 1

Remove a part of protective film on the canvas, and choose the symbol you want to fill in this part of the canvas.

2nd step

Find the numerical correspondence of the symbol in the index. Open the corresponding numbered diamond bag

Step 3

Take some diamonds to put them in the container. Shake it so that the diamonds lay in the right direction.

Step 4

Take a rhinestone with the pliers, stick it on the correct symbol. Remember to line up the diamonds using a ruler.
And you can also use the stylus to take some glue, then grab a diamond with the tip of the stylus to stick it on the canvas.


Once finished, do not forget to cover your work with the protective film. You can put it in a frame to hang it on the wall.